Filip Filkovic Philatz

Music video film director and artist.

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-- BIO:
Croatian music video, film director and artist. Founder of radical art initiative Kunstterrorist Organisation; creating paintings, artistic postage stamps and prints. Filkovic worked with James Cauty (The KLF) on a series of artworks for CNPD project under the L-13 (The Aquarium) gallery in London. Since 2008 Filkovic is mostly involved in video production which since resulted in directing over 80 acclaimed and awarded music videos for his More-Magnets production and various other advertisement videos. Filkovic has been directing accomplished documentary television series such as “Lovac na Bilje” (Herbs Hunter) and “Slatka Kuharica” (Sweet Chef). He is currently involved in directing films and documentaries as well as music and advertising videos.


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